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Passionate team of entrepreneurs and experts in the food industry

Abouzar Rahmani

Abouzar Rahmani

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur and founder of MANI, FOODYOUNG and ZHAR Group. Extensive family heritage in the food industry for over 100 years.

“I believe there is a serious need for clean food, today. Being passionate about building ecosystems and growing meaningful businesses, I have taken the challenge to make a positive impact on the future food industry for next generations.“

Julia Rahmani

Julia Rahmani


Previous experience in venture philanthropy and start-ups within clean tech and sustainability.

“I have experienced first hand the importance of pure nutrition for my health. Combining this with my passion to develop functioning networks for sharing knowledge and rewarding innovation, has led me to find a place to make a lasting contribution.”

Fonda Dilmaghanian

Fonda Dilmaghanian


Key partner to Abouzar for over 12 years in the setting up of MANI brands in the Middle East and Europe.

“Coming from a health conscious family and realizing a deficit in the 21st century food industry to encourage a healthy lifestyle, I enjoy supporting the development and sustainable materialization of ideas for FoodYoung and our portfolio ventures.“

Monica Monet

Monica Monet


Previously serviced companies including Sony Ericsson, Ericsson, Nokia, Continental and BOSCH.

"I enjoy being part of the Foodyoung team, increasing my knowledge and awareness of foods' impact on my body and wellbeing, while contributing my expertise in operations and supply chain management.“

Selim Evin

Selim Evin

Market Development

Previous experience as an entrepreneur in the seafood and spirits industries among others.

“My job gives me the greatest satisfaction of knowing that each and every product I sell is produced with respect to environment and is benefiting the well-being of consumers.“

Ivan Lopez

Ivan Lopez


Previously Sales & Administrative assistant, handling 20 customer accounts localized in Europe, Asia and North/ South America.

"Involved in orders, operations and logistics management, I am happy to contribute to the development of FoodYoung group, being every day more and more conscious of natural food benefits on human health.“

FOODYOUNG Advisory Board

Combining industry intelligence for growth

Abouzar Rahmani

Meaningful Entrepreneurship

Experience in founding international food and beverage companies based on the principles of healthy eating.

Claude de Geynst

Business Strategy

Previously worked with Saatchi & Saatchi Colruyt, P&G, Nestlé and BNP Paribas.

Deepak Parekh

Corporate Finance & Governance

Previously Partner at KPMG and also PwC in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.

FOODYOUNG Expert Partners

Adding value through knowledge-sharing and best practices

To find out more about FOODYOUNG, or to speak to us about the opportunities that are available for trade, investors and entrepreneurs, contact us today:


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