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FoodYoung Venture CimaNorma and Urth Caffé Unveil Exclusive Nut Butter Collaboration

LOS ANGELES / LUGANO, December 8, 2023 — FoodYoung proudly announces an exclusive collaboration of its legacy venture CimaNorma, renowned for its dedication to exquisite Swiss chocolate craftsmanship, with Urth Caffé in California, USA. This partnership unveils a delectable array of buttery spreads, meticulously crafted to elevate the culinary experience of regulars at Urth Caffé.

These delicious and buttery spreads will be exclusive to Urth Caffé and were developed by Urth Caffé Co-Founder Shallom Berkman in collaboration with CimaNorma, a Swiss chocolatier specializing in the finest organic cocoa, ingredients and non-refined natural sugar sourced from sustainable origins.  

Shallom visited CimaNorma’s factory in Lugano, Switzerland in February of 2023 to help develop these new recipes for Urth. The beautiful jars of Pistachio Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream will be available for purchase at all Urth Caffé locations.


Urth Co-Founder Shallom Berkman and FoodYoung founder Abouzar Rahmani with Master Chocolatier at CimaNorma's factory in Lugano, Switzerland, creating Urth Pistachio Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream.

A divine new pistachio smoothie will be coming to Urth as well, made with Urth’s Sicilian Pistachio Butter (vegan), cocoa nibs, banana, pistachio milk and sweetened with organic dates and 100% plant-based. Urth’s top baristas are also developing a caffé pistachio latte.  

CimaNorma is a Swiss Chocolatier established in 1903 who is now leading the way with organically sourced cocoa, and ethically sourced, non-refined fruit sugars. Using a chocolate making process that is seeped in tradition and a rich history they create exceptional chocolates that are “lovingly handmade.” 

Vintage photos of CimaNorma  Left: Factory workers - CimaNorma (1900's) Right: Cima Norma vintage labels for Swiss Milk Chocolate


Urth Chocolate Hazelnut Cream, which will replace Nutella at Urth is a creamy, delicious alternative that does not contain highly processed and refined oil and sugar and is made with only 7 ingredients: hazelnuts, cane sugar, milk powder, almond oil, cocoa butter, cacao nibs and rich, buttery Madagascar vanilla—some of the best quality beans available. 

Urth Pistachio Butter is free from inflammatory vegetable oils and is made from Sicilian pistachios (some of the finest in the world) and only 8 simple ingredients. It is a great spread for bread and bakery items, says Co-Founder, Shallom Berkman, “It is like peanut butter, only much more nutritious and delicious!” Look forward to these delicious (and nutritious) spreads on Urth’s shelves soon. 

For more information on the exclusive CimaNorma and Urth Caffé collaboration, please visit Urth Caffé's official website here.

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