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Brands supported by FOODYOUNG


How food should be.


Qibi serves new generation comfort food. A food tech venture with passionate entrepreneurs in the areas of clean food and technology, that offers delicious and "free from" meals at their shops and a few clicks away for pickup and delivery in no time. To wherever you are. The company is currently serving customers in Geneva and plans to expand to other Swiss and international locations.



superfood goodness!


MANI’s natural sweet nut snacks aim to promote wellness and balance through tasty and nutritious eating choices. MANI products are made from high quality superfoods exploding with micro- and macronutrients. They are a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and smart fats. MANI products are sold in 8 European countries. Expansion to further markets is underway.



Be strong. Be ZAZ.


ZAZ is all about living actively, healthily and powering you on in your passions. The ZAZ bar product range includes five different flavours, based on a date paste packed with superfoods. ZAZ Boost Berries, ZAZ Punchy Protein, ZAZ Tough Coco, ZAZ Crush Cacao and ZAZ Power Green are made from high quality ingredients full of nutrients, antioxidants and no added sugar.


Screening Criteria

Criteria for new ventures

High Impact (Ethics & Principals)

Entrepreneur and team values

  • Desire to make a positive impacton society
  • Harmonious, principled and fair
  • Truthful and transparent
  • Passionate, empathic, respectful and inspiring
  • Professional and approachable

Business philosophy

  • Creating value for all vs. purely profit driven

Social impact

  • Nutrition & long-term health (free from, organic, fresh, gently processed, nutritious, tasty)
  • Employee fulfillment & happiness
  • Stakeholders

Environmental impact

  • Impact of processing and packaging

High Growth (Business Approach)

Entrepreneur and team

  • Skills & experience
  • Vision / ambition

Investment stage / valuation

  • Early stage
  • Reasonable valuation
  • FOODYOUNG significant minority (20-25%)

Growth opportunity

  • Alignment with long-term market trends
  • Scalable

Application of technological to facilitate growth Business model sustainability

  • Barriers to entry

Geographical location

  • Switzerland, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia

To find out more about FOODYOUNG, or to speak to us about the opportunities that are available for trade, investors and entrepreneurs, contact us today:


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