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FoodYoung unites Eastern heritage, food cultivation and sourcing knowledge with Western food production, processing and marketing expertise.


Mission-driven brands

In-house innovation lab

Vegan & organic products

Recyclable packaging

Superfoods with benefits

Food X Innovation

Food is complex. We are here to make things simpler. The food industry is currently undergoing a major transformation – this poses a massive danger for large food groups but also provides immense opportunities for new business ventures. At FoodYoung, we believe the winners will be the ones who adapt to younger generations’ demand with tasty, natural, nutritious, innovative and sustainable food solutions. 

We support mission-driven brands in the development and commercialisation of high quality products for global markets. We derive our expertise from over 100 years heritage in the cultivation, production and commercialisation of food products incl. dried fruits, nuts and chocolate, and combine it with world-renown Swiss quality standards as well as a passion for new and innovative food trends, to offer products that improve the lives of the consumers of today and tomorrow.







The Founders

Julia Rahmani

Julia is a 4th generation member of a

German family in the printing business and renewable energy

sector. Julia has a BSc degree in Business Management from

King’s College London and a Masters degree in Global Politics

from London School of Economics.

Abouzar Rahmani

Abouzar is a 3rd generation member

of a Persian family business in the agro-food sector. He is a serial food entrepreneur with a successful track record in food brand creation, turnarounds as well as venture capital

exits in Middle East and Europe incl. Mani Foods Industry LLC in 2011.

Fonda Dilmaghanian

 Funda is a 4th generation member of the Rahmani family and has played a key role in successfully developing and introducing 6 consumer brands to the GCC and European markets. She has a Bachelor degree in Business

Administration from Middlesex University.

The Founders


FoodYoung Switzerland SA
Via Pra Mag 4

6862 Rancate - CH

FoodYoung Ltd
6 Lower Sloane Street

SW1W 8BJ London - UK



Our Science-Based Guidelines

Our "Eat Right" Philosophy

FoodYoung has developed Nutrition Guidelines in collaboration with Alice Mackintosh, registered Nutritional Therapist at The Food Doctor Clinic on

Harley Street in London, United Kingdom.

Our "Sustain Right" Philosophy

FoodYoung has developed Environmental Sustainability Guidelines in collaboration with Olivia Grebler, Founder

and CEO of Biolia and the Ecocook programme in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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