FoodYoung's mission is to advance innovation in the food ecosystem with the vision to enhance wellbeing and sustainability.

Our Value Add

Food &

We offer global knowledge on sourcing sustainable and premium food ingredients.


We offer global expertise in the development of innovative brands for global markets.

Production &
Supply Chain

We support European food brands in production and expanding to global markets.


FoodTech Innovation

We support mission-driven brands in the development and commercialisation of high quality products for global markets. We derive our expertise from over 100 years heritage in the cultivation, production and commercialisation of food products incl. dried fruits, nuts and chocolate, and combine it with world-renown Swiss excellence standards as well as a passion for new and innovative food trends, to offer products that improve the lives of the consumers of today and tomorrow.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates


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