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FoodYoung partners with Qibi to revolutionise fast food.

Geneva, 20 February 2017While fast food is usually considered as fast, convenient and mostly unhealthy, FoodYoung, together with Qibi, is revolutionising the fast food market by providing food, which is natural, convenient and feels as great as it tastes: The next generation of fast food.


FoodYoung is a pioneering Swiss food enterprise dedicated to evolve the food industry by building the next food brands. Through supporting and investing in start-ups that provide clean, safe food with real taste, FoodYoung wishes to move forward the development of food products that both respect our accomplishments in food safety, taste and consumer convenience, but also promote consumer long-term health and environmental sustainability by being made from non-harmful and natural ingredients.

Qibi offers a healthy and tasty quick meal experience by providing locally sourced and nutritious foods just a click away through online orders and for pickup at different Qibi locations in Geneva. The company incorporates both taste and business sense, as one of the founders is a chef with Michelin star experience and the other a tech venture capitalist.

A new portfolio venture of FoodYoung

FoodYoung acquired a significant minority stake in Qibi, but the partnership is far more than financial. Antoine Comina, Founder and CEO of Qibi states: “We selected FoodYoung, as they offer considerably more than typical investors.” FoodYoung will support Qibi on many levels including branding and communication, nutritional advice, financial analysis as well as business planning. FoodYoung also supports with operational consulting by assisting with broadening the assortment of pickup locations, shared workspace and assistance in recruitment.

Qibi – the next generation of fast food

Abouzar Rahmani, Founder and CEO of FoodYoung, explains that: “One of the key factors behind the partnership was the alignment of values between FoodYoung and Qibi.” Both companies are determined to improve the diet of society by offering a high quality Clean Food alternative to the common fast food. In addition, Abouzar Rahmani is convinced that Qibi has the potential to become a key brand in the fast food industry based on its innovative cooking methods, scalable business model and excellent entrepreneurial team – supported by the fact that Qibi meals are so tasty.

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About FoodYoung

FoodYoung is a pioneering Swiss food group, which invests in food brands and helps to develop them. The focus is on the end consumers and their long-term health. This investment in high-growth brands contributes socially, financially and ethically to the sustainable development of society and the environment.