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Clean Food – the solution for an ailing society.

Geneva, January 2017The conventional food industry is booming – and with it the number of people dying from non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, among others. The new innovative Swiss company FoodYoung aims to put an end to this trend.

With its unique concept, FoodYoung not only combats wasteful production processes, but specifically targets unhealthy eating. Its business concept is based on three key points which are aimed to help both the society and the environment by providing a healthy and sustainable diet: FoodYoung acts, on the one hand, as a partner for other Clean Food companies, and on the other, as a distributor of its own Clean Food products. The company’s focus, and third key point, is a clear alignment with the needs of the end user in the food sector. Abouzar Rahmani, Founder and CEO of FoodYoung, is convinced: “The world needs more Clean Food solutions produced by humane food companies”.

Clean Food as a solution

Clean Food goes beyond organic food. It is not only about how the food is produced, but predominantly concerned with the ingredients used and their effects on our health. Clean Food promotes the health of the consumer and respects the needs of the environment. Due to minimal processing and to the omission of artificial and unhealthy ingredients – which is the key message of the Clean Food movement – these foods are especially nutritious, delicious and safe. FoodYoung itself evolved from the Clean Food brand MANI, a producer and distributor of dried fruits and nuts snack mixes. In spring 2017, MANI is also set to launch ZAZ, its own brand of energy snack bars.

Swiss entrepreneurs as partners for Clean Food ventures

As FoodYoung itself is made up of entrepreneurs, industry experts and investment partners, their expertise helps the company to act as a competent business partner for new and young start-up companies in the Clean Food sector. FoodYoung’s network is built on the three E’s: Entrepreneurship, Expertise and Equity. These incorporate portfolio ventures, industry experts and business partners, together with like-minded shareholders and co- investors. The company stands by its profit-oriented approach, as it believes that the best way companies can exert a sustainable influence is to be self-financing.

Consumer focus in various food sectors

There are various sectors, which have to be realigned in order to achieve sustainable production of healthy and environmentally friendly foods. In order to reach this goal, FoodYoung is examining a host of ideas and plans to become involved in a wide range of sectors in the future. This can be as a restaurant, to ensure keeping close to the end user, or by making it easier to buy Clean Food in the shops, or even developing technology further, in order to improve the supply chain and the production of Clean Foods.

Ultimately, the objective remains to promote and advance the Clean Food movement further, and to make healthy, sustainable food more easily available, tastier and more clearly recognisable for the consumer.

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About FoodYoung

FoodYoung is a holding company, which invests in food brands and helps to develop them. The focus is on the end consumers and their health. This investment in high-growth brands contributes socially, financially and ethically to the sustainable development of society and the environment.